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You want a job that’s the perfect fit for you. And we want to help get you there.

What do we offer?

As expert IT career consultants, we have an extensive network of contacts and clients who are looking to fill their top-level roles. Specialising in Senior Technology Leadership positions, Project Services and Data roles, we have gained the contacts and experience to really narrow down the search focus and come up with the best fit.

You’ll deal directly with top-level staff, getting honest and reliable feedback and expert advice to help you find the right position. We won’t waste your time with positions you aren’t suitable for, or that aren’t suitable for you. We’re creative with recruitment, not afraid to think outside the box to help you achieve your dream job.

How do we achieve it?

We find the right people for the right jobs by never cutting corners. For you, that means we will take time to get to know you – your experience, your skills, and what you are looking for in a company. You’ll get real, honest help you can rely on from us – we’ll use our in-depth knowledge of the industry to give you tips on how to get the job you really want.

We have decades of experience in the industry, where we’ve built up a network of contacts and an idea of what makes a candidate and a company really click. Your time is valuable, and the job search process can be hard. Let our expert digital career consultants work on your behalf to find exactly the right job for you.

The Hampden Search Difference

We’re unashamedly honest – we’ll confirm from the outset whether you will be a good candidate to fill a role and if not, will be very clear in the reasons why. We meet every candidate and take a detailed job brief – we won’t waste your time.

Over time, we have developed a creative and up-front approach with clients and candidates, with the ultimate aim of providing the best job satisfaction for job applicants. This approach has built up a loyal base of clients and a specialist network of candidates in the areas of project services, senior level appointments and data and analytics.

You spend nearly a third of each day at work – you deserve to be somewhere you enjoy. Contact us to find out how we can help you find that perfect place.

As expert IT career consultants, we’ll find you the perfect fit. Contact us today to find out how we can help.

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